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Culottes: Love or Hate

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech


I HATE CULOTTES!! Yes, I am one of those that truly hates these pants, it maybe because I have short(ish) legs and well adding a wide pair of pants that cut my legs down at the knees is simply not a good idea. Sure Kendall Jenner can rock them but let’s face it, her legs are as tall as my entire body #TrueStory.


So how did these culottes en up in my closet? Well, they’re longer than the ones I wore in 2005 (dark times) yep, that simple, just a bit longer and instead of chopping down my legs at the knees they chop them at my ankles lol. Just a couple inches longer and they really make a difference on us shorter girls. They can be worn with heels, but for me wearing them with flats, for a day out being tourists on our honeymoon was just the right ensemble. What I also look for in culottes, is a higher waist, this way it counteracts the short legs, by elongating them from the top, and pairing them with a shorter top, that way you show your siluette and its not just one wide piece. After wearing these pants in Marrakech, Morocco to go sightseeing (Jardin Majorelle) I confirmed what everyone is saying, culottes are a must for summer, just as long as they’re long enough …


The “Jardin Majorelle “ is a botanical garden designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle in the 1920s,  and has been owned by Yves Saint Laurent since 1980. And I am not kidding they have plants and flowers from every place in the world, Including a palm tree from texas. (more on this tour coming soon)


  • Pants: Culottes ZARA (Same)

  • Top: Alexis (Same via Revolve) on SALE!!!

  • Shoes: Loeffler Randall via Saks (different color)

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