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Ivy Park


Being active has become a way of life, and over time athletic wear has become more and more popular. Not that it's ok to go through life in workout clothes, but now it's so much easier to find a sporty look that is extremely cute and polished! There's really no excuse to look like you could go to bed in the same clothes you hit the gym in ... although they may be extremely comfy, you never know who you'll run into at the gym.

Like that quote "Always dress, like you're going to see you're worst enemy", No matter where!

Recently I was very lucky to get an inside look at "Ivy Park's" (yes Queen B's Workout line) newest line, available at Six:02 stores.

I had heard about Ivy Park but really never had a chance to check it out in person, so leave it to Six:02 to bring the latest in women's athletic gear. If you ladies have never been to one of their stores, you have no idea what you're missing!!!! They carry all the newest lines from top active wear brands! and it's just for us ladies! NO BOYS ALLOWED! unless you're there to get us a gift then, please by all means head on over!

So what makes Ivy Park so special? Apart from being co-funded by Beyoncé? I have to say it's originality in its designs. No offense to Nike and Adidas who continue to dominate the field, but its nice to have something different out there. Also the performance tights are amazing!!! (pictured in gray) They are what they call "sculptured" and indeed they are! They basically suck everything in and keep it in place, just like spanx! OH and they have undies attached!

The leggings (black) are the comfy route not for intense workouts, they're perfect for off court or low impact workouts (yoga, pilates).


Crop tops craze!! ok so, here's the deal, B really loves her crops and the line shows it! I don't usually go for crop tops for training, since lets face it, when we workout we end up doing awkward poses and you don't want to be worried about what's popping out, instead of winning the game. I've found a way to love them! 

For example crops are perfect for pilates, and spinning, even Boxing. I don't like them for tennis BUT I actually wear them over my training tank. Especially during hot days, when you can't wear a jacket or sweatshirt but you kinda still want some coverage when you leave practice.

Care tip: Crop tops and sweatshirts pictured are mainly cotton so beware of the the dryer, wash with warm or cold water and lay flat to dry to avoid any shrinking. Products do run true to size, I'm wearing all smalls on my bottoms and M on the tops, because I like a little bit more fabric when working out, although there wasn't that big of a difference between the S and M when it came to the crops, so don't worry about it so much. The grey sweatshirt is the softest and most cozy thing ever!! As far as pricing, its all very similar to Adidas prices, tops under $50 and leggings range from $40-$70.

              Look #1: On Court

Look #2: Morning Hike

Look #3: Done For The Day

Wearing all Ivy Park from Six:02

  • Ivy Park Logo Black Leggings Available at Six:02 HERE

  • Logo Crop Top:  Six:02 HERE

  • Grey performance Leggings: Gray sold out online 

  • Both Sweatshirts sold out online but available at Six:02 Stores

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