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Holiday Sparkle



Tis the season to be "shiny"!

Hello December! So the final and probably the best month of the year has finally arrived and with it all the holiday parties and obligations! What better way to get through them than in style. So what says holidays more than metallics and sparkle? well in terms of style? nothing! 

Sometimes it's tough getting creative and coming up with a killer outfit for your events. Many times holiday parties include people who we only see during such parties, meaning a little extra pressure to look amazing! so here are two must haves for the holiday season; 1. metallics and 2. midi skirts, and it so just happens I found a 2 in 1 piece, and this Anthropologie skirt just got a major restock!! (I'm wearing a size 2) It's so light and playful, and I love that it looks both gold and silver, so if you're like me and hate mixing your metals, this one will make it easier.

I may have dressed it casual here but a good midi is good for whatever your plans are, believe me, I'm already planning on wearing this to a christmas party next week, because its so easy to style however you want.

Don't forget to check the bottom for my favorite Sparkle worthy midi skirts.

Happy December!



Photography by: Miguel Flores Photography


Instagram: @SoyMaico


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