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Print Overload 

Mexico City, MX.


Styling a heavy print piece can be scary, and sometimes we simply put it down in the store and walk away, and we most likely pick up abother piece that fits perfectly in our comfort zone. I've done this before and end up regreting it later. This almost happened with this vest, I loved it but I knew the print is heavy, so how to style it? 

After starring at it in my room for a while I relaized the embroidery is so beautiful that it should be shown! So the easiest way to pull of a piece like this? let it shine on its own! go for a neutral pairing, all black makes the gold and teal pop. 

One thing I like to do when wearing a longer coat or in this case vest is wear a shorter hem line under it. Mini skirt or dress is always my way to go. (if the weather allows) Show a bit of skin but still looking chic. Even if we are brave enough to mix crazy prints in one outfit, I feel that we have to choose well which prints to mix and which to let shine (like I mention above) This particular vest, with the gold details makes it an elegant piece to wear on its own.


Where: So this weekend we had to pick our  Wedding Menu and the weather in Mexico was still pretty cold ... which was perfect for me (lol) because I love coats and boots! 

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