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Golden Hour

Pearl Brewery



One of the good things about fall is that you can still pull off summer tops and skirts but paired with boots or even a light sweater. We haven't reached those harsh winter days when we look more like the Pilsbury dough boy under so many layers.

During fall and winter I still love wearing gold and bronze accessories, it adds a touch of warmth. Lucky for me i'm obsessed with all the goodies from JforJMR! This is my latest collaboration with them, and let me just say I can't get enough!

There are only a few spots where I have actually found good stackables rings (because one is never enough! we need more) and this exactly what I love about their accsessories, they can (should) be worn all together (so they dont get lonely)

I know for many the drop shoulder top trend is a thing of the past, because they are lucky enough to be wearing coats and knea high boots. well since Texas refuses to accept fall has indeed arrived I will take advantage and give my summer tops a longer life this year.



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