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Dowtown Flares

Houston Street.


This past saturday I had a couple of meetings and things to do downtown, and well, for me jeans can go both ways, you can dress them up or down. Since these meetings didn't really require a suit or anything like that. I decided to give my new flares a chance. I also thought about playing a bit with details, like this Zara top, with the scarf and accessories (close up below)

Flared jeans are back!!


its been a while since a wore a good pair of flared jeans (I have some that are a flare over load) but I mean a good classic pair like these. And well they had to be Gap - Say what you want but they still have some of the best quality denim.


For the first time in quite a few month I was able to wear jeans to walk around or simply be outside ... if you've ever spent the summer in Texas you know that being able to stand on the sidewalk with something other than shorts and flip flops, its a sign that we survived the heat, and we start to see a glimmer of hope (ok thats a bit too dramatic but you get the picture ... summers are HOT here)


You've probably noticed by now that my go to outfits usually consist in jeans and some sort of white shirt or top. I dont know why but I love that classic combination. (don't judge)

If you live in San Antonio or will be visiting, make sure you go downtown and check out the "Before I die..." wall, it's such an amazing thing, and I am so glad its made its way to us. Once you're here it is overwhelming to read some of the thoughts shared. Sure some are cute and funny, but some really make you put our lives into perpective, like one I read that said "Before I die I want to ... walk again" and really things like these are when we have to remind ourselves how blessed we actually are! 



You've probably seen around the new trend of a bandana or scarfe around the neck. (or like my mom would say ... "We wore that when I was young!" yes what goes around comes around. I love this trend it gives an outfit that extra boost! I decide to wear it with a few necklaces and love it!! especially with this top!





Top: Zara here

Jeans: Gap here

Cuff & scarf: Hermes 

Shoes: Tory burch (similar) here


P.s: Hair tip - you dont need a professional blowdry to get big waves, use the large barrel curling Iron. I use the Conair ceramic curler - Here

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