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"Cute" For the Summer

Boerne, Tx.


If you've had about a month of temperatures over 95 degrees F' (35 c') you know that sometimes you just want to give up on your outfit, especially if you've been outdoors or are planning to. I know I talk about this quite a bit, on not giving in to the summer style slump, and that we can always do better than tank tops and flip flops. But it's so much easier said than done, because somedays you just can take the heat (literally). 


This past weekend we reached 99 or 100' degrees in some areas here in San Antonio (and well most of Texas) It gets to a point where it doesn't matter whether your in you car with the a.c it just seems like full blast isn't enough. So on Saturday we decided to go to Boerne for the day, have lunch and walk around a bit. So what do I wear?  i'm going to be standing in the scoarching Texas sun. First there's a personal rule I try to go by everytime I get dressed  " Balance your upper body with your lower" meaning if you're showing a lot of leg, don't over show your upper body, such as cleavage, arms and back. And this almost only happens if you take it to an extreme, like wearing super short shorts with an uber tight tank top or crop. But still if my shorts are lets face it short, I like going for a bit of a more modest top (if I can) That's why I am such a fan of off shoulder tops, because most have some kind of sleeve but you're still showing skin and keeping as cool as one can be in this weather. This top from Camilla Crown is perfect! although it does have long sleeves and might look heavy it's all but that! the eyelettes are a big help, and I love the longer sleeves!! and I also love tops I can tuck or wear lose.

Another tough call during summer are shoes, I've never been a fan of flip flops unless i'm at the beach or pool, my go-to summer shoes are espadrilles or a gladiator sandal. These Tory Burch espadrilles are currently on sale and going fast!


Shopping links for theseitems below plus other similar ones ( tops you can tuck or not )

Stay cool loves!


  • Top: Umgee via Camilla Crown (San Antonio)

  • Shorts: American Eagle Festival Shortie

  • Espadrilles: Tory Burch (linked below)

  • Sunglasses: Dior via Neiman Marcus


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