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4th of July Ready



It's that time of the year again, when everything around the U.S is an explosion of red, white, and blue. Yes, it means 4th of july is fast approaching, but it also means, you'll have some fun parties or get togethers coming your way, which in conclusion means; we need some cute outfits (I mean i'll take any excuse for cute looks anytime) So, what's a good 4th of july get up? well here are some things I've found helpful to keep in mind for this long weekend:

Keep in Mind:

  • It's hot: Most 4th of july events are outdoors, whether its a bbq, park, or party, we usually en up outside (where the food is or to watch the fireworks) So go for something light and summery.

  • Ground may be uneven: if you're heading out to watch the fireworks, you will either be dealing with uneven ground, like grass or gravel, or you'll be doing some walking to get to that perfect spot, so try to wear comfy shoes.

  • Keep it PG: I don't know about you, but most 4th july parties I've been to, include kids and/or family (I mean it's summer after all) so maybe dressing up like you're about to hit the club is not the best way to go. Nice girly pieces that still show a bit of skin are perfect (like this blue romper- check out the back)

What to wear:

  • clothing: I Love wearing dresses or rompers, for starters it's so easy to put together! it's one piece and done! and they can work for whatever your event is, it just depends on how you style them. Also let's break free from the "it's summer, I only dress in shorts and tank tops" idea! 

  • Shoes: I know it's hot and we get moody once we start sweating (I know I do) and that sometimes the easiest thing to put on our flip flops ... but lets just save those for the pool. Give your outfit that extra boost with some cute sandals, you can go the gladiator route or just some cute strappy ones.

  • Accessories: as for the little extras that make that look, sunglasses are a must, protect those precious eyes, plus they kinda add one more extra something to your look. Jewelry, I love to wear metals during summer, I like how they pop with the sunlight and against our skin.

  • Bag: So you may have noticed that a summer bag in many stores is basically a suit case! (meaning they're HUGE!) and it's true if you're going to the pool! (or you have babies) I think a nice smaller purse works best. Even a clutch, if you're going to someone's home. If you're going to a park or anything outdoors, I like to go with a crossbody small/medium sized bag. That way you keep it close and don't have to worry about carrying it or where you left it (do not take a clutch to an outdoor place!

And that's it! These are the things I base my 4th of july looks on (and most of my summer outfits for that matter ... hope you find them usefull)

Love Toasty

(Outfit ideas at the bottom)

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